East Pavilion is about tradition, craft, and creating an opportunity to discover something new in the old. The name is inspired by open outdoor structures in Chinese architecture that connects main spaces, functioning as corridors, but also spaces of leisure, viewing, and conversation - and it is our goal that East Pavilion will offer a perspective and experience of the design community in China.

East Pavilion was launched in the fall of 2018 by architect Lily Huang and interior designer Teresa Leung, but the idea of the project was seeded when they worked and lived in China years before. When they returned to Canada, they began looking for furniture and housewares that reflected their Chinese heritage, but found limited options in North America. They started sourcing objects for everyday use, initially from stores and contacts from their time in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and rediscovered that the design community in Asia is incredibly robust and varied. East Pavilion is the result of these efforts and its collections attempts to capture a snapshot of the design community of China and Chinese artisans and makers working abroad.

East Pavilion is both an online store and gallery that focuses on Asian aesthetics, emerging Chinese designs and designers, and practical items for daily use with an emphasis on quality, functionality, and beauty. East Pavilion is committed to making thoughtfully designed, well-crafted Chinese products accessible.